About Us

LEX Foundation is a social organization that works for creating an inclusive culture towards global Peace, Harmony and Progress through cultivating human potential by various creative initiatives.

LEX Yoga program is meant to provide a free “basic yoga program” conducted generally on weekend in public places. This program aims to improve the physical and mental well-being of people who cannot afford to pay for paid yoga classes. This program also serves the purpose of making mass aware of social issues affecting the entire humanity.

LEX Outreach program is meant to provide social and economic support to the bottom pyramid of society to help them improve their quality of life. Lex Outreach programs offers various creative initiatives aimed at lifting the quality of life by advocacy, education and economic support to bottom pyramid of the society to reduce the economic and social gap between bottom pyramid and the upper pyramids of the society.


Vision & Mission: A peaceful world that is free from all sort of manmade sufferings.


“We intend to play a significant role in creating an inclusive culture towards global Peace, Harmony and Progress”.

We exist for one and only thingNurturing the Humanity” and we always strive for “Equality for each & respect for all”