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LEX Foundation is a volunteer run social organization that works for Peace, Harmony and Equality.

LEX Foundation works to do away two fundamental problems that the entire humanity across the world is facing today.

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The first problem, LEX Foundation is addressing is the DISCRIMINATION based on religion, caste, creed, nationality, race, social and economic status of an individual. These discriminatory factors are MANMADE BOUNDARIES that divide us as human.

The second problem that LEX FOUNDATION is addressing is the INEQUALITY caused by Poverty, Illiteracy and Injustice. These all are MANMADE Human SUFFERINGS which can be removed easily by collective efforts of us.

To address these two fundamental manmade problems from which Humanity is suffering, LEX Foundation has number of initiatives to eradicate these problems.

Our Human Brotherhood Initiative is about spreading the message of Peace, Harmony and Equality by transcending manmade boundaries.

Secondly, to do away manmade human sufferings of poverty, illiteracy, injustice and inequality, we encourage people across the world for their strategic intervention at their own level in their society. Even a small Intervention from large number of individuals at their own level will become a game changer to bring equality to all by removing poverty, illiteracy, injustice.

To support us, one needs to support our cause. To support our cause, one needs to share about the causes with people in your network and intervene at your own level to deal with these inhuman things. you can share about your intervention and we at LEX Foundation will share your efforts with millions across the world to inspire more for the same.

We dont ask for charity in terms of money or kind. We ask for support from people across the world to come forward to help those in need in your society, in your nearby locations. This will be a real game changer to eradicate these manmade discriminations and manmade inequality in our society. Dont give out charity to NGOs or Religious organizations but help those in needs. This is what we promote for change in our society. This is the support /Charity we ask from people.


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Moneyless Charity for Change

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