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lex Foundation -Our simple objective is to make ourselves understand that we are human first. Then we can be whatever we want to be.

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About Us

Our introduction is our objectives and our motto. We focus on one thing which is our slogan “Nurturing the Humanity”. I have seen in India Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and out of India I seen Indian, Irish, English, Russian and so on. But I never seen a human anywhere I have travelled. I have travelled many different place in India and abroad but I surprisingly never met a human. Coming back to my motherland India, every day I meet people in market, in my office, in my neighbourhood nobody defines them as human but Bihari, Haryanvi, Punjabi, Jaat, Pandit and so on. Our simple objective is to make ourselves understand that we are human first. Then we can be whatever we want to be. We all must remember that no matter which country, which religion, which caste, which gender we belong to we all are HUMAN. That is the thing which brings UNITY in all HUMAN. This unity brings PEACE and BROTHERHOOD. Making people realize this mantra is main motto of LEX FOUNDATION.

Why We

However, we all are aware that corruption is the most dangerous global phenomenon today. It is corruption that struck at the root of democracy and progress. Corruption denies our birth right to lead an honest life as a human being. You all will surely agree that corruption is the main cause of terrorism, linguistic provincial flare-ups and Anarchy. Everyone wants to live happy by earning their bread with hard work but lack of opportunity force them to crime. Corruption is everywhere even in private sector where we call it with varied names. Corruption is responsible for destruction of our education system. We have Govt Schools everywhere but we do not find students in them. Govt providing subsidies for people in need for their upliftment but because of corruption they are not getting any benefits out of these schemes. Corruption diverts the life of administrators and politicians towards greedy and selfishness. The noble idea to build a better India diminishes due to selfishness. Administrative and political corruption swallows the major portion of public money. The motherland belongs to all, then why the majority still living in below the poverty line? Have you ever think of these all issues? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for these all evils and if there is any way to eliminated these social evils? And who is being affected by these all social ailments. AWAKE AND AWAKE TO LIBERATE OUR SACRED MOTHERLAND from the clutches of deep rooted corruption. We must get united immediately for the above causes if we want to save the future generation from further sinking. • We do not solicit or accept donations or govt. grants of any kind. If you want to contribute towards our activities, you can do so by volunteering for us. • We encourage people to get involved with us and stand up against human rights violations. Remember, if it can happen to someone else, it may happen to you tomorrow!

Key Appointments

  • Ashish Dahiya – Advisor – Educationist, Political Analyst and Social Activist

  • Anish Singh– National President (MBA, MSc, PG Dip in Business) Social Activist

  • Pawan Arya- National Vice President, Social Activist (MBA, BCA, Dept. Head at College)

  • Gajender Singh Rathi – National General Secretary (BBA, Govt Employee)

  • RavinderNandal – National Treasurer (B.Comm, Self Employed)

  • Our Objectives

  • Be United to fight for Humanity, Strengthen the Brotherhood beyond religion/caste/race

  • Fight against Corruption and all social evils by that people can live with peace and harmony

  • To protect the dignity and rights of human in line with the constitution of India

  • Educate, Empower and aware the rural people for rural development

  • To tender legal aid to needy poor people , establish Shelter Homes for Aged, Orphans & Widows

  • To promote use of Right to Information, Public Hearing

  • To fight for equal status for women in the society & Sexual Harassment of Women.

  • To work for brotherhood amongst communities especially during communal flare-ups.

  • To conduct social audits and investigations for projects progress/status through community led audits

  • To Promote Education and Employment by Conducting Job Fairs Region Wise.

  • Our Evolution

    There are probably thousands of both local and MNCs operating in this segment. Local firms claim to provide services at low cost but lack quality & professionalism where as big companies which are not many provide process driven and professional services but they charge clients very high. We provide cost effective services in a professional manner with complete customization to best fulfill your needs. We provide integrated services for our clients so that they can focus on their core business activities by outsourcing their all facility related solutions to us as a single service provider.
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    • We always put the customer first

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    Our Evolution

    It all started in year 2011 when two young MBA graduates, one returned from England and one from Pune after completing their Master’s degree and met each other in Haryana’s millennium city so called Gurgaon. Both were from two different villages of Haryana state. They had experience of lives in Village and lives in Europe and metro cities of India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon etc. One day when both were having discussion on how rural area of India is far behind in terms of education, Career opportunity, awareness about career options available, awareness about their rights and various govt schemes being run for their benefits. Both decided to do something bridge this gap between city and rural India. They decided to work on education and employment first. This is when they started their first Projects named CareerSPOC. Under this project they started visiting govt and small private schools in rural of Haryana to educate school children about Career Options available to them, helping them to choose right career path and right course and college for their chosen career/profession. They worked on this project for 3 years before they made a simple website to help student to get general career information online. In year 2016 they decided to give their efforts a name and registered and legal entity in the form of NGO. Now their efforts to make people’s life better is known as LEX FOUNDATION.

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    Country: India


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