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Our Mission Best people, best Methods & the best Technology.

Lex Foundation welcomes you,

Lex Foundation is acommunity based &volunteer run organization, founded by a MBA graduate from Nottingham Trent University UK

And supported by independent group of young professionals united to promote the Humanity and Peace, dedicated to cultivate the Human potential

Lex Foundation is a Human Service organization that recognizes the possibility of each person to empower another - restoring global Peace and Humanity through inspiration, Self-awareness and individual transformation.

At the core of Lex Foundation's activities is a customized system of restoring the Humanity and Peace among people of different faith and people who are divided/separated by man-made boundaries like caste, religion, nationality and so on.

Lex Foundation also explores new deep inner transformation methods to be used for a modern person, to achieve physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. This basis of total wellbeing accelerates inner growth, allowing each individual to tap the wealth of vibrant life within oneself.

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Lex Foundation